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Online Booking

NOTE: When booking online, appointments are booked as a request. You will receive a message when your appointment has been approved. We will call or text if there is an issue with your request.

* If selecting a groomer: Lacy and Leah are not able to take dogs over 50lbs.

Available Services

Our pricing and available services are based on the condition, size, and temperament of your pup. Final price will be determined at drop off.


A basic bath and de-shed package including a brush out, ear cleaning, nail trimming and grinding,

Full Groom:


Includes the basic bath package plus a trimming of the face, feet, and sanitary area


Feet and Fanny trim

The basic bath package covering a de-shed, trimming of the pads, feet, feathers, and back end.

Full Haircut

Includes the basic bath package plus a full haircut and styling


Full Haircut

The basic bath package covering a de-shed, full haircut and styling.

Specialty Groom

The full haircut package covering more stylized cuts such as: cording, hand scissoring, and hand stripping


         Luxe Hound is now offering Pick-up and Drop-off services for your dogs!


We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Leash, offering safe and reliable rides for pets to and from their daily appointments.  Schedule your next grooming appointment with us today and then book your dog's one-way or round-trip ride with Leash!


To book rides with Leash, download their app ( or Call 844-563-8486

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